Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesdays with "MarMe" (#2)

I know it's kind of late but as I always say...
better late than never.

So here I go.

I have a "To Do" list and I know how to use it.

Here's my list.

  1. Take down McBoy's closet door. Finally did that this afternoon.
  2. Make curtain to cover McBoy's closet.
  3. De-clutter McTwins closet. Lord help me now!
  4. Remove door from their closet.
  5. De-clutter McTwins entire bedroom. Heeelp meee.
  6. Bathe the McDoggy. Oh, my spiney!
  7. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot. Need 4 table legs for craft table project. (Will explain tomorrow)
  8. Go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap but cute fabric to make curtain for girls' closet.
  9. Post two blog posts in one day. Yeay! Finally did it! 

So that's it.

Not a huge list but that's because I like to feel like I accomplished something so I keep it small.

Few. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Well I'm off to sleep land. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Big McDaddy!!

Yes... it's the Big McDaddy's birthday!


That was him last year on my birthday weekend. 

He drives me crazy most times.... but I like him.

I like to bother him.

It's my duty and mission in life to poke him.

This must be done when he is extremely distracted. 

We bicker a lot.

We laugh at silly stuff a lot too.

IMG_4413 copy

It's my goal in life to tickle him someday. He's highly ticklish and guards his underarms like gold in Fort Knox. 

I like to hear him laugh... it makes me laugh.... even when I'm not in the mood to smile. 

Last year he was away with the Navy for his birthday.
I didn't get to see him or talk to him at all. I missed him much more than I expected. 
I went to church that weekend and being that it always falls on my church's anniversary there was a big celebration. 
I saw everyone with their families.
Husbands and wives together.

When I was about to go home that night it started to rain. 

I stood there alone...

and it finally hit me. I cried for the first time in forever. 

I am so thankful that I have him in my life. 

He's my BFF. 

Happy Birthday my love.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What's in YOUR purse???

After a whole week of writer's block and spending the time reading some of my fave blogs and new blogs I encountered, I was finally inspired to write. One such blog had a giveaway and part of the entry requirements was to describe what's in the bottom of your purse.

Well I went and got my purse... my only black purse... that I use for church most weekends.


It's part of my big purse collection.

In other words they're so big they can carry everything a mother needs AND the kitchen sink. (Just kidding about the sink!)

"Why not have a regular diaper bag?" you say. You see, I have a thing about matching or coordinating.

Blame my highly stylish mother who used to match even my underwear to my clothes when I was little.

So now I mostly match, coordinate or at the least blend from head to toe EVERYTHING that I'm wearing and or carrying... that includes purses. (This includes the family too... but trust me... that is a WHOLE other post.)

Early on, during my first year of motherhood, I quickly realized that the average diaper bag, with the cutesy clowns and all, does NOT go well with ANY outfit.

(Unless, that is, if YOU are dressed as a clown...

or just are too tired to care...

or don't give a rats behind because it's just a bag...

I feel ya.) 

Mind you, I'm not stuck up. I don't dress up all the time (I'm a jeans, T-shirt and flip-flops kind of gal). I'm not rich or well off in any way, shape, or form. Noooooo where close to it. Honestly, dirt poor is less than a hop, skip, and a jump away. However, Ma (my mom as I call her) also taught me that it doesn't take a lot of money to look stylish and classy.

(In my case, I'm sometimes hoping for "HOT"...

 a girl can dream can't she????)

This is why I have big purses. They were big enough to carry what a diaper bag would carry (when you realize you don't have to carry your whole ENTIRE nursery in it) and still look stylish.

Anyhow, back to the original point of this post. What was that again???
OH YEAH! What's in your purse?

Well, I picked up my purse, opened it and this is the first thing I saw...


Good old faithful. Nuff said.

And guess what??? There was another smaller one under it. It's the beat up looking thing in this coming photo. The McKids say it's small enough for mice to hold. Ma says it's small enough for mice to read.
Funny, ha ha... critics.


Ooooo, scroll back up. Did you see my pink pencil? I like it a lot. It's my fave. It has a pink eraser. It has flowers on it. It's only mine. I do not like to share wif it.

Okay I'm back from my little moment of regression to childhood.

Oooooo, wait!

Go back again.

Did you see the little travel pack of Kraft Strawberry Jelly?? I got it during a hotel stay. There's also a purple plastic butter knife right under it. There was also a bagel... but it didn't make it to church. I was hungry. It was part of my "I'm going to be at church ALL day," survival kit.
(I'll explain the all day at church thing in a later post)

There was more in there too. Did I mention that I forgot to clean out my purse after church last week?? Yeah.


Yes, that's a Ziploc bag with a Sharpie Highlighter, a mini stapler, and not visible in the photo are the two pens (one black, one purple) and a Black Sharpie Permanent Marker pen.

Could someone explain to me why do I have a Logitech headset in there???

Oh yeeeeaaah. I remember now!

See, my logic ...

(Haha! Excuse my pun... couldn't help myself)

... was that when I took my laptop to church with me (I sometimes download the church photos immediately while there) I might need it if I felt like listening to something after morning service in the afternoon. Did I forget I have three kids 8 and under?? Must have. Sigh.

Back to my purse.


So here's the list of the rest of what I found.

  • A black pen and a blue pen with the pink pencil. (Yes, more pens.)
  • Cherry scented oil. (Hey, a girl must smell good.)
  • McBoy's "Do Rag." (For those of you who don't know, it's a type of "head/hair scarf" thingy for men/boys with "Afro" textured hair to tie it down so as not to mess up their finely coifed hairstyle. Ehem... liked the word "coifed" did ya.) 
  • A handheld little gray mirror.
  • A Charms Blow Pop that I took away from one of the McTwins... and completely forgot about it.
  • An expired coupon (09/2009) for Children's Oscillococcinum (Homeopathic Flu meds) and Cold Calm (same for Colds)... I didn't need the coupon since they haven't been really sick for a long while. Now that's a blessing.
  • A wad of brown paper towel from church.
  • A used wipe. I think it was for my hands and I didn't have access to a garbage can at the moment. 
  • My flash drive... just in case.
  • A Cascadian Farms dark chocolate Chewy Granola bar wrapper. (It was part of my afore mentioned survival kit.)
  • A pair of tweezers. 
  • A decorative hair comb.
  • My favorite "silver" "M" pin. 
  • The wrapper for a band-aid. (McBoy fell outside on cement at church... twice... in a row... within 15 minutes.)
  • My make-up and beauty kit bag. Don't get too excited. It's very small. I don't do foundation or anything. Don't like the mess and stains on clothes. It's only eye make up and lip gloss for when I feel like being very girly.... and possibly attempting to be "HOT" as was mentioned before. It also has two more tweezers... I think I can leave one at home now... and a nail file and nail clippers. Hey, broken nails are dangerous weapons.)
  • Three First Class stamps. (Explain this to me. Is there a second class or third class of stamps I don't know about???)
  • A ribbon napkin ring from my friend's sister's wedding.... LAST year May. Don't ask.
  • Last but not least, a quarter and a penny!! WOOOHHOOO!! I'm not totally pennyless after all!! 
Can you believe that I clean my purse out quite often?? Somehow I missed the two things from last year...

....or did I just ignore them?

No clue.

The funny thing is that I DID take some things out when I went out with a smaller purse during the week, so, it's no where near as full as it would normally be.

Anyhow, I hope you can find your way out of the abyss that is my purse. 

Go find your purse. Take a look in it.... if you dare.

Then come back and share..."What's in YOUR purse??"

(By the way... here's the link to the blog, June Cleaver Nirvana, with the giveaway that inspired this post. The giveaway is for an Epiphanie women's camera bag. They're super cool, stylish, functional and PRETTY bags. Lola is sooooo calling my name... and Belle is chiming in with her! Don't forget to mention that I sent you when you go by and visit her blog!)

Blessings and love to you all!